How to Make Traveling Part of Our Lifestyle

Most of us wish we could travel as much as we could. But with kids, a day job and family commitments, traveling has become quite a challenge, but certainly not impossible. We want travel to become a part of our lifestyle. So we find ways to fund family travels amidst the challenge of time and money.

Welcome to our site for family lifestyle and leisure. We are a team of Moms, Dads and travel and leisure experts who are dedicated to helping people find ways to make travel fun, cheaper and easier. We offer assistance in planning for travel and how to prepare for it.

Our team shares life hacks from experienced travel bloggers so that we can help people find the cheapest flights and hotel rooms. We aim to make the travel lifestyle accessible to everyone even if they are an average family of 4, 5 or even more. We have gathered a wide range of resources and information that can help people afford their travels.

Family travel bloggers agree that traveling is good for kids. It helps them learn new languages, cultures and see real animals and have real experiences compared to just exploring things online or through a TV screen. Our resources and recommendations come from experienced family travelers who want to share the joy and fun of their travels to others.

Finding time to travel is important. Usually, parents who work in the digital industry such as offering services in graphic design, online marketing and web design, have more flexible time compared to those who work 9-5 jobs. If you have flexible time for work and can take your work with you during travel, it can be used to your advantage. Also consider blogging as this can help pay for extra expenses during the trip. You get to share your family experience and also earn extra.

For those who have full time jobs, the best way to travel is to save up and schedule your trip.
The best time to travel would be the end of the school year or during breaks so that kids can also enjoy and you won’t have to worry about getting them back home early in time for school.

Our site offers planning suggestions and ways on how to pack for each type of travel. Whether it’s on the road, cruise or for a flight, let us help you with your travel needs.