Secret Travel & Leisure Ideas You’ll Want To Discover

If you’re the type of traveler who prefers to travel to a place where you can get away and have peace and quiet, then read on. This article shares secret travels and leisure ideas from some places around the world.

Sure, there is fun in visiting major attractions and well-known locations, but there is a more unique and rewarding experience in exploring secret and unknown places. There are stories and new discoveries that are waiting to be told especially from tiny towns. They offer adventure, a sense of history, beauty and novelty. Here are 3 suggestions:

Santorini Secret Hot Springs

Let’s start with exploring some secret spots in Santorini, the most romantic island in the world. It has more to offer aside from its caldera, pristine beaches and clear blue waters. The island has a volcanic landscape, the Nea Kameni, which also has hot underwater springs. It is located along a small coastal bay and the warm water changes in color and is believed to have therapeutic effects and benefits. The mud is rich in iron, which can be revitalizing to one’s skin.

Nimis and Arx

Located in Arild, Sweden, Nimis and Arx is a public art installation that was made by artist Lars Vilks in the 1980s. The controversial artwork is a labyrinth found at the foot of a cliff. It has two 45-foot high towers standing that are made of driftwood weighing about 70 tons and the maze is about 300-foot above ground tunnels.

There was a dispute between the artist and local authorities to destroy the building in 1982. In order to keep the area from being destroyed, Vilks declared the area as an independent nation of Ladonia in 1996. It has been kept preserved and has become a tourist attraction. The area is in rough terrain and a small trek is required through a small pathway to get to the artwork.

Grotto dei due Ponti, Giornico

If you want to feel a little bit lost in time, visit Giornico, Switzerland, located 35 miles north of the Ascona and Locarno lake resort towns. It’s a 50-minute drive on the A13 and N2 roads. The valley is near the main road and has a small river with two arch stone bridges. The town is made of a 14th century stone relic structures giving it quite the ambiance. Grotto dei due Ponti is a family-run restaurant that serves spezzatino or meat ragout along with polenta and local Merlot wine. The grotto has a shaded terrace that features a view overlooking the river.

There are many other places in the world that are calm, beautiful, and simple. Explore other sites and discover new things. Sometimes joy can be found in unique places.